Gel Documentation

Gel Documentation

The whole range of Analytik Jena gel imaging systems is suited for the documentation of agarose and polyacrylamide gels with fluorescent and visible coloured stains.

The most typcial stains for these applications are Ethidium bromide, SYBR® Green, SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Safe, GelStar®, SYPRO® Orange, SYPRO® Ruby, OrioleTM, SYPRO® Red, WesternDotTM 625 with Qdot®-nano crystals, and silver and Coomassie Blue.

For all of these stains the adequate bandpass filters and transilluminators are available. Visible stains on membranes and also radiographs can be documented, additionally. Laboratories with a very limited bench space will enjoy the system UVP UVsolo touch. This extraordinary compact system is designed for fast saving and printing of gels. No separate computer is necessary.

Also UVP GelStudio SA2 and UVP GelStudio touch developed as stand-alone systems. These very versatile systems are controlled by a self-explanatory image acquisiton software designed for the large touch screen. For those who want to benefit from the GelStudio features but prefer to control the system by a separate computer, should decide for UVP GelStudio. 

The compact UVP GelTower with space-saving footprint is the dedicated system for fast image acquisition of mini gels. This computer-controlled system provides for high-resolution images in color or in gray values. A professional gel analysis software is included. 

The computer driven systems of the BioDocAnalyze (BDA) line offer an advanced comfort and include a versatile software for analysing gel and blot images as standard delivery. Different versions are available. They mainly differ in the type of camera included.

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