UV, white and blue light transilluminators line "UVP Transilluminators"

UV, white and blue light transilluminators line "UVP Transilluminators"
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UV transilluminators for UV fluorescent stains

The UV transilluminators feature a uniform and bright illumination. The exclusive application of high-grade filter glass provides for excellent documentation results with lowest background signal. The great illumination uniformity allows the reliable quantification of electrophoretically separated fluorescent samples.

The UVP Transilluminators are equipped with an ultraviolet blocking cover to shield the user from UV radiation. The base is painted with high-quality, scratch-resistant powder coat. Models include a stainless steel top assembly or powder coat paint.

UVP Transilluminators

The compact models of the UVP Transilluminators include the economical single intensity and variable intensity transilluminators which are equipped with 8-watt, 302 nm UV tubes.

The variable intensity models feature:

  • ƒƒHigh setting allows UV excitation of fluorophores on gels for routine photography. Also excites gels with low sample concentration.
  • The medium intensity is excellent for viewing and quick singleband excision.
  • Low setting is used for positioning and preparation of the gel, excising multiple bands, and focusing for photography.

For users who prefer the choice between 302 nm UV and 365 nm UV the benchUV ML models are suited. These models come with single intensity setting and 8-watt UV bulbs of 302 nm and 365 nm. Available filter sizes are 20 cm x 20 cm or 21 cm x 26 cm.

Transilluminators with extraordinary uniform illumination

The UVP FirstLight® Transilluminator represent a unique highly uniform 302 nm UV excitation source for quantitative fluorescent imaging in a wide range of applications.

  • Produces < 5% coefficient of variance (CV) across the full filter area
  • Exceptionally uniform, edge-to-edge illumination
  • Accurate gel to gel comparison
  • Uniformity ensures consistent illumination over the imaging surface resulting in high quality images
  • Applications range from DNA and protein gel documentation and analysis

Achieve accurate and reproducible RNA, DNA and protein results. The illuminator emits 302 nm UV excitation and combined with a patented phosphor coating configuration generates exceptionally uniform UV illumination over each band and lane. Multiple gels may be placed on the surface with assurance of uniformity for each gel.

High performance UV transilluminators

All high performance UVP Transilluminator include the exclusive 25-watt ultraviolet tubes and provide a total of 100-watts of brilliant UV illumination.

  • ƒDeliver high UV output and intensity, no light flicker, fast lamp start-up and reduced electrical consumption
  • Stainless steel frame enables easy cleaning
  • The back-lit UV illumination is further enhanced with long-life filter and uniformity screen
  • UV blocking cover, included with each transilluminator, is adjustable for access to the filter surface

Blue light transilluminators for fluorescent stains

Blue light transilluminators are a quite interesting alternative to UV transilluminators as there is no risk of sample damage during illumination. This is important when samples shall be processed furthermore after gel documentation. Users also benefit from it as there is no risk of UV exposure. Blue light excitation is applicable for fluorescent dyes for nucleic acid or protein stains with excitation wavelengths around 470 nm. Examples for compatible stains are:

SYBR® Green, GelGreenTM, SYBR® Safe, SYBR® Gold or SYPRO® Ruby and GFP stains.

The blue light illuminator UVP Visi-Blue Transilluminator is available as compact 8-watt model and in its size similar to the benchtop models UV transilluminators. The amber protective cover blocks blue light transmission, allows visualization of most samples above 500 nm.

UV-to-blue converter plates

Alternative to a blue light transilluminator a converter plate can be applied on top of a UV transilluminator to convert UV light to blue light. Three different sizes of the Visi-Blue converter plate are available. In combination with a camera system an amber camera filter has to be applied.

White/UV transilluminator

The UVP Visi-White transilluminator is also available as dual use version:

UV table and white light table. UVP UV/White Transilluminator TMW-20 features a 20 cm x 20 cm filter size for UV fluorescent samples and additional a 20 cm x 20 cm filter size for white light transillumination. The white light table can be used for the documentation of all visible colored samples like silver or Coomassie Blue stained gels as well as for radiographs. This transilluminator can not be integrated into a GelStudio or ChemStudio darkhood due to its geometry.

UV to white light converter plates

Alternatively to the use of a white light table a converter plate can be applied at the top of a UV transilluminator. The converter plate converts the UV light to visible light and thus economically extents the application scope of all UV table models to the visualisation of colored dyes.

White light table UVP Visi-White Transilluminator 

For documentation of only visible colored samples without the need for any UV light the white light transilluminator UVP Visi-White Transilluminator TW-26 is the table of choice. It comes with a 21 cm x 26 cm filter size. The exceeding uniform illumination provides for bright sample images.

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