Rozměry gelu Š x D (cm) 9.4 x 8.0
Rozměry skla Š x D (cm) 11.0 x 10.0
Počet gelů 2 (4*)

Eco-Mini Electrophoresis System

Eco-Mini is compatible with self-poured gels as well as with the most common pre-cast gels. With the electrophoresis module, glass plates from 10.5 cm to 11.0 cm width and a length up to 11.0 cm may be used. Eco-Mini is compatible with the glass plates of Minigel-Twin.

For electrophoretic separation under controlled temperature conditions the use of the EBC buffer tank with cooling option (integrated water circulation system) is recommended.

The buffer chambers EB (without cooling option) and EBC (with cooling option) are compatible with the Blot Module for Tankblot Eco-Mini. For tank blotting, the use of buffer tank EBC with integrated cooling option is recommended.

The Bigfoot Safety Lid with its specially designed foot allows a space saving and safe storing of the lid when not placed on the buffer tank.

According to customer requirements a lot of special configurations by a large number of additional component parts are possible (i. e. analytical, preparative or microtiter plate compatible combs).

Special designed Divider-Plates (optional available) double gel capacity up to 4 gels by converting single-gel sandwiches into two-gel club sandwiches. The two-gel sandwiches fit into the same Casting Stand and Electrophoresis Module than the single gels.

The Blot Module for Eco-Mini is available separately and will convert the corresponding electrophoresis apparatus into a powerful wet-blotter (does not apply to the Eco-Mini E and Eco-Mini System E).

Casting Stand for Eco-Mini

The casting chamber allows an easy, fast and leak-proof assembly for 1 up to 4 single or double glass plates sandwiches. Preliminary, for casting the gels one or two glass plates sandwiches are set into the electrophoresis module and fixed with the side clips. Because the spacers are permanently fixed to one glass plate, the often difficult adjustment of large spacers and glass plate is no longer necessary. In a second step, the electrophoresis module with the glass plates sandwiches is inserted into the specially designed gel casting stand and it is fixed easily and reliable by two eccentric vices. By the use of a unique high-tech material for the gasket in the casting stand and special anti-slip device of the side clips leakage proof is guaranteed.

After polymerisation of the gels, the complete assembly of electrophoresis module and glass plate sandwiches are taken from the casting chamber into the buffer tank for electrophoretic separation. Specially formed slots in the side walls of the buffer tank allow a rapid and safe positioning of the module.

Electrophoresis Module

The Electrophoresis Module is designed for the use of handcast gels as well as for pre-cast gels in plastic cassettes. Common dimensions are 10 x 10 cm or 8 x 10 cm (L x W).

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